Type of drill – select the right drill

There are many different drill types, but which drill is needed in this particular case and how do you keep the different drills apart?

Especially if one is not necessarily one of the professional craftsmen and is more likely to use the drilling machine occasionally, then drillers tend to look a bit too much like that. The wrong choice is quickly made and the occasional trader may find unpleasant surprises. The wall turns out to be an impenetrable bastion, and no hole can be created, the drill begins to glow, instead of penetrating the workpiece, the tile breaks into handy parts, or the drill itself breaks. Such inconvenience can be avoided if one can keep the various types of drill apart and thus more purposefully the right drill for the adjoining project.

With our blog contribution, we would like to help you make the right choice in the future. In our shop you will find many different types of drills and it would probably blow up the scope of this blog article to go into every drill individually. Since these drills are usually assigned to one or other basic drill type, we would like to restrict ourselves to the most important drill types within the scope of this paper.

  • Stone drill / concrete drill
  • “Holzbohrer”
  • Metal drill
  • Universal drill
  • Diamond Tile Bit

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