Tips for the headphone selection

The delivery of a new smartphone usually also includes a pair of simple headphones. If you want better sound quality on your smartphone, you need to upgrade to higher quality headphones. We give tips on smartphone headphone choice.

Music from the smartphone: tips for the headphone choice

Test winner of Stiftung Warentest under Bluetooth headphones: Philips SHB9100

The right pair of headphones is a prerequisite for perfect music enjoyment on your smartphone. Although a set of earphones is usually attached to a new mobile phone, these often do not meet the requirements of music lovers, be it design, design, comfort, screen, application scenario or sound. If you want to buy new headphones for your smartphone, you should think carefully before you buy, which fits your requirements.

In-ear headphones generally protect the hearing from noise in the surrounding area, but they are not very well suited for the jogging circuit in the park. Instead, ear- or neck-band listeners, which may seem too bulky for some prospective customers compared to the small earphones. As with some hanger headphones, however, there are also foldable models, which can fold up on the hanger and can be stored better. There is currently also a trendsetter of cordless headphones without cables, which can be connected to the smartphone, tablet or computer by simple Bluetooth connection.

Often, the sound of a smartphone headphone can not be tested before buying – especially for in-ear and earphones. In the case of a long-term purchase, it is especially important to inform yourself in advance about the quality of sound and processing, be it through reviews in specialist magazines such as audio or the user ratings from online shops. At the same time, the headphones differ in their open and closed design: while closed headphones with a tight diaphragm transmit the sound only in the direction of the ear, open constructions are also permeable to the outside, thus not allowing a particularly voluminous bass and are not good protected against external noise. The sound is more transparent and more spatial with open headphones.

As a reference for over-the-ear headphones with brackets, the Denon AH-D600, which is a very good overall rating from five compiled test reports (for example at Redcoon available for 286.89 euros), while the 649 euros expensive Ultrasone IQ can be seen as in-ear headphones for the discerning musician. If you are interested in a cordless headphone with Bluetooth, you should take a closer look at the test winner of the Stiftung Warentest from last year, the Philips SHB9100, because it is available for just under 55 euros and also fits well with the customer ratings.


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