Lighting for the living room – types of lamps

Living rooms are so versatile in design and function, there is more than one right way to style it to fit your needs. You may want it to be bright and airy during the day, but cosy and ambient in the evenings. Choosing the right lighting can make adjusting the room to your mood easy and painless. And, there are so many types of lighting to choose from! So where do you start?

Ceiling lights

To fully bring you this topic out, we decided to ask about the more detailed answer one of the internet stores with interior lighting . Here the Sublime Lighting’s answer:

Think about the design of your house. Is it quite modern, rustic, antique, or maybe a bit of everything? Depending on the vibe you’re going for, your choices in the ceiling lighting department vary. While crystal chandeliers look good in antique-filled spaces, recessed lights and contemporary hanging lamps are the perfect option for modern and stylish rooms. If you opt for extra comfort and cosy atmosphere, go for few ceiling lights instead of one central piece. And, don’t forget to install dimmers in all the switches on your walls – adjusting the intensity of the lights is the perfect way to transfer the room from day to evening to night-mode.

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Floor lamps
They’re another great addition to the room. Put one just beside the couch or in a corner to play on light and shadows or just go all out and put one in the middle of the room. It may seem odd at first, but floor lamps you can get now are not just a light source – they come in all crazy shapes and sizes that make them more like art than anything else. Maybe your new living room lamp is the last sculpture you needed to finish the room?

Lamps that just hang there on the wall and point upwards may seem like a piece of the past we never should go back to. You shouldn’t fear them, though! Modern lighting put on the walls gives the room a contemporary atmosphere and if you have the option, go for the dimmed bulbs. A perfect source of light and a nice way to make the room bright for the games and cosy for the movie nights.

Table/bedside lamps
Although the living room isn’t technically a bedroom, if you have guests over, having some bedside lights would be useful. They are great if you’re trying to read when your husband naps or left on during the night so you don’t trip over anything on the way to the kitchen. The possibilities are endless.

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