Home renovation – what style to choose?

House renovations, as scary as they may sound, often result in a totally fresh and different style that will fit your current vibe. Choosing the trend and style that you go for is a difficult part of the planning process, but once you set your mind on one thing and stick to it, you are guaranteed to get the results you were hoping for. How to choose a new style for your house and what is particularly trendy right now?

Don’t mix and match

Getting a whole house renovated at the same time means usually having to spend a lot of money on the new furniture and decorations as well as the actual building work. In order to avoid ridiculous costs that will ruin your budget, try not to overcomplicate the style you go for and don’t start mixing and matching different vibes for each room. This may look good in theory and make quite a creative space, but you will get bored once you realise that the rooms don’t go together as a whole. Remember, that a house is in fact an entity and should be consistent throughout to make it feel right. If you want to add some special touches to each room, try to go for easy to remove decorations. Things like throws, art, plant pots, lights or even bed sheets and carpets can change the vibe entirely and create a unique feeling in the room without breaking the bank or making you feel like each room belongs to a completely different house.

Look at trends, but choose timeless pieces

Trends are a great way to get inspired and find out what you like and don’t like for your own interiors. However, going solely off of trends and doing your house all Instagram inspired is a straight way to disaster. Trend change quickly and in five years you might regret that you did your entire bathroom millennial pink. Choose a style that represents you, but also is timeless and if necessary, easy to change. A greatest example here are all the modern, Scandinavian-inspired styles with white walls and minimalistic furniture. You can add fun art to make the room colourful or heavy throws and dimmed lights to make the room feel moody and old. There are so many possibilities when you choose simplicity over lavish, stand-out pieces that won’t work in the long run.


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